Have Questions About Multiple Myeloma?

Expert Patient Leaders have the answers


How did you feel after receiving the news you had multiple myeloma?


“First of all, throw out most of what you think you know about cancer. Myeloma is not the grim prognosis it once was. Yes it is incurable, but recent advances have transformed it into more of a chronic condition that you can manage long-term. That being said, much depends on your overall health and any underlying co-morbidities you may have, as well as the genetic profile of your individual myeloma.”

How did you come to be diagnosed with multiple myeloma? What was that experience like?


“Because myeloma presents in many individuals as bone pain, I went to an orthopedic doctor who diagnosed me with degenerative disc disease. When my pain didn’t go away and became worse, I became concerned because the pain was affecting my QOL. I never once thought I had cancer. I thought I had a low tolerance for pain and probably wasn’t completing my PT exercises correctly.”